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For customers who cannot speak Japanese

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in our products. We would like to mention some important points when purchasing our products. Please read the following information before purchasing our products.

1. The site is displayed in Japanese only
If you do not understand Japanese, we recommend using the translation function. We recommend Google Chrome, which allows you to translate the entire browsing page. Download Google Chrome to your smartphone or PC and turn on the translation function. All pages up to the purchase page can be displayed in the language of your choice. If you are using Chrome and cannot view the page, please use it via VPN (Virtual Private Network). Please refer to another site for VPN settings.

2. Shipping information
Currently, we do not ship directly to overseas. Customers who wish to ship overseas seem to be using the overseas shipping service. There are also customers who ask their friends who live in Japan to ship overseas. Please note that we are not responsible for any damage to the product during delivery.

3.Shipping cost
For the shipping fee, please refer to the shipping fee on the purchase agency site.

4. Payment method
Payment can be made by credit card.